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About international project “HORSES FOR CHILDREN“


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Welcome to page HORSES TO CHILDREN.

The international project HORSES FOR CHILDREN started in 2009 on the initiative of photographer Dalibor Gregor, who is also the owner of this project.

The goal of this project is to make a positive relation from young people to every animal especially to the horses.

One of many goals is to help handicapped children take part in programs associated with animals.

HORSES FOR CHILDREN welcomes the involvement of public figures and artists from the Czech Republic and other countries.

The project is opened to all people who love animals and want to help children.

If you are interested and want to know the newest information or you want to join in, write an email or call us. We are looking forward to you.


The books published in edition HORSES TO CHIDREN:

Exhibition of large-area photographs with topic of children with Down syndrome

As a part of HORSES TO CHILDREN project eventuated an exhibition of large-area photographs taken by Dalibor Gregor with topic of children with Down syndrome called „Smile for the horse!“.

Exhibition was opened in Club racing course in Pardubice during international exhibition HORSES IN ACTION. The book of the same name was launched at that opportunity. The book was launched by Mrs. Marketa Vosatkova.

Fans could see this exhibition in „VIDA! Science centrum“ in Brno, where it was opened by Mgr. Marek Slapal the deputy of President of the Regional council Jihomoravsky district in social things and health care opened the exhibition with honored guests from The Regional Authority of the Jihomoravsky district,  from the National council of people with health disability CZE, deputies of statutory city Brno, mayors of chosen villages, principals of schools, Holder of the Chair  of special pedagogy at pedagogic faculty MU in Brno and other representatives of this faculty, senior consultants of  department of Medical Genetics at children’s hospital FN Brno and other beloved guests.

Competition for the most beautiful children’s pictures of colts and horses with topic „Happy colts“

The competition for the most beautiful children’s pictures of colts and horses with topic „Happy colts“ was announced as part of the HORSES TO CHILDREN project. The competition was for Czech children who lives in Croatia and for children from chosen primary schools in Opava. Children could draw or paint. Children between 6 and 15 years could register and they were divided to 3 categories.

Some pictures were put in new full-colour photographic book „Horse Tony and his friends“ which is full of funny photographs of colts taken by Dalibor Gregor and added texts by Vaclav Barta who is known by children from books and songs and as the author of lyrics of „Princezna ze mlejna“.

The most beautiful pictures, which were picked by jury, were exposed and presented at exhibition in Croatia specifically in Zahreb as a part of celebration of 90th anniversary of Czech primary school.

In Czech republic pictures were exposed at area „U vodnika Slamy“ in Haj in Silesia and in Opava. Exhibition was visited by famous Czech actor and lover of horses Vaclav Vydra and actor, dubbing artist, host, singer and member of Hamleti group Mr. Jakub Wehrenberg. Monika Zidkova Miss Czech Republic 1995 and Miss Europe 1995 came to support children with their creation. Mr. Vaclav Barta Czech director, author, dramatist, poet, script writer, singer and compositor saw the whole exhibition and rated it very positively.

For the 90th anniversary of the Czech school in Zagreb, we held meeting with  photographer Dalibor Gregor and Czech children and parents living in the Republic of Croatia in the premises of the Czech Beseda in Zagreb on 26. 10. 2013. The winners received the best picture books about horses from the photographer Dalibor Gregor and also attended a one-day photographic course  “How to take picture of horses.”

The schools that participated in the project HORSES FOR CHILDREN in the competition for the most beautiful pictures of foals and horses on the theme “Happy foals”: 

– Česká doplňovací škola České besedy Záhřeb, Záhřeb, Chorvatská republika

– Česká základní škola J. A. Komenského, Daruvar, Chorvatská republika

– Česká základní škola Josefa Růžičky, Končanica, Chorvatská republika

– ZŠ Podmurvice, Rijeka, Chorvatská republika

– ZŠ San Niccolò, Rijeka, Chorvatská republika

– Základní umělecká škola, Opava, Solná 8, příspěvková organizace, Česká republika

– ZŠ T. G. Masaryka Opava, Riegrova 13, příspěvková organizace, Česká republika

– Základní škola Opava, Boženy Němcové 2, příspěvková organizace, Česká republika

– Základní škola Opava, Vrchní 19, příspěvková organizace, Česká republika

The largest postcard of horses

The largest postcard of horses – succesfull record-breaking from publishing house Ing. Dalibor Gregor.

The successful record-breaking attempt took place on 4th September 2010, during the 12th International Exhibition “Horses in Action” at the Pardubice Horse Racing Course.

Several thousand spectators were present at the riding course in Pardubice as Commissioner Lenka Vratisovska from the Good Day Agency (Agentura Dobry den) confirmed that the 200cm by 195cm postcard, issued in two counterpart copies by Dalibor Gregor in support of the HORSES FOR CHILDREN project, had been recognized as a record-breaking achievement and would be entered in the Czech Book of Records.

One copy of the postcard was put on display in the Museum of World Records and Curiosities in Pelhrimov. The other copy will be donated to the children’s department of the Silesian hospital in Opava, as part of the HORSES FOR CHILDREN project.

The perfomace of Theatre Bez zabradli in Opava pro Mravenecek (Ant)

As part of the HORSES FOR CHILDREN project, Opava’s Silesian Theatre hosted Prague’s Theatre Bez zabradli, which prepared play “Every year at the same time”, with Veronika Freimanová and Zdenek Zak starring.

The profit from the production featured by RaGre Agency in Opava went to the Mravenecek Charity day hospital in Opava.


Charity auction of pictures of horses by children from Mravenecek Charity day hospital in Opava

HORSES FOR CHILDREN project joined the 52nd  Bezruc Festival in Opava to hold the exhibition “The Nobleness of the Horse” and a charity auction of horse  paintings by children with multiple handicaps from Mravenecek Charity day hospital in Opava.

H.E. Franc But, Slovenia’s ambassador to the Czech Republic, attended the charity auction. He auctioned off the drawing, Blue Halter, by Martin, 17, who is confined to bed and has no speech. Martin’s drawing now graces the interior of the Slovenian Embassy building in Prague.

Prominent guests, including Opava municipal council and other participants auctioned off nine pictures which value was CZK 9500. The proceeds will help Mravenecek to buy special safety belts for the van that serves its clients.