The Bond

Silvia comes to sunny California seeking adventure and soon finds what she is looking for – one of the last places where the Wild West still exists, and where she can ride the endless trails of Mount Diablo foothills with cowboys. What more, she wasn´t expecting she would encounter the horse of her life there, and the best dressage trainer she could have wished for. There’s a long journey awaiting them and Silvia will have to overcome many obstacles. In the end, Silvia’s dream of becoming a professional dressage rider comes true, but at what price?

 The Bond is a magical tale from the equestrian world, as well as a gripping fantasy about weird neighbors who fatally change Silvia’s life. But above all, it’s a romantic story about how wonderful a relationship between a rider and her horse can be, how important it is to follow one’s dream, and about love, death and the age-long human desire to reach perfection in what we do.

204 pages

Languages: Czech,

Published by: Photo & Publishing Dalibor Gregor

Written: Pavla Melecká