The Traces of Horses

It is not always easy to understand the intentions of horses. Yet there is a way for mutual understanding. That is the way Simona has choosen. A way to change our atitude to horses and to know better ourselves. In the beginning, she had to ask herself the vital question: How to deal with the human behaviour horses are used to, and yet not to betray the creatures full of fragility and power?

“If he weren’t such a good jumper, I wouldn’t even like him! Let the owners ride him! They say he’s a sweetheart, even small children can ride him! I wouldn’t ever let my child to ride such an inscrutable bastard!”

Simona smiled. “If he were a teenager, I guarantee you would!” Marek paused. It took him a fraction of a second to understand what Simona meant. Surprisingly, he was amused.

Hard cover, 165 x 230 mm, 128 pages

Language: Czech

Published by: Photo & Publishing Dalibor Gregor

Photos: Dalibor Gregor

Written by: Olga Chytková