Silesian Noriker Horse — Its Breeding in Silesia and in Františkův dvůr in Klokočov

The publication deals with the history of Noriker horse breeding in Silesia, Czech, and Františkův Dvůr in Klokočov, Czech. Thanks to the texts of Ivan Petrtyl and Jana Voráčková and photographs of Dalibor Gregor, it is a beautiful reminder of the culture and traditions that are indelibly connected with this cold-blooded breed of horses.

The history of the breeding of Silesian Noriker is divided into three stages, which are historically defined by two world wars. The basics of its breeding were laid first in the mountainous part of the Jeseníky Mountains, from which the breeding went further into the area of ​​Opava and Bílovec. The aim of Silesian breeders’ efforts was to combine the power of the Norwegian with the mobility of the original warm-blooded horses.

The book has been released in the “Pocket” edition, and it is a suitable gift for festive occasions.

Hard cover, 110 x 135 mm, 72 pages

Language: Czech

Published by: Photo & Publishing Dalibor Gregor

Photos by: Dalibor Gregor

Written by: Ivan Petrtýl, Jana Voráčková