Kyjov, a city of traditions and folklore

The new full-colour book “Kyjov, a city of traditions and folklore” is about the rich traditions of Slovácko and especially the Slováčko Year Festivities. The public is acquainted with the King’s Journey, the Kyjov folklore show, the concert program of spiritual music, exhibitions, and a show of costumes. The book is full of Dalibor Gregor’s photos who focused on local traditional costumes and especially on the King’s Journey.
The book has been published in the edition “in the pocket” and is a suitable gift for special occasions.

Hardcover, 110 x 135 mm, 72 pages
Texts: Czech, English
Issued by: photographer & publisher Dalibor Gregor
PHOTO: Ing. Dalibor Gregor
TEXT: PhDr. Frantisek Synek