7., 8. a 10.8. 2017 – SILVÁSVÁRAD, HUNGARY

Another stop on my way to the Lipizzaners in 2017 was the stud farm Szilvásvárad in Hungary.

The Lipizzan horse, which prides itself on a 400-year history, has been bred in Hungary since 1806. Through many twists of fate, the stud farm ended up at its current location – on the Bukk plateau whose natural conditions best suit the needs of the breed. Szilvásvárad ist the most visited town of the Bukk Montains. This small town is situated at the northwestern foothills of the Bukk and offers a number of interesting sights, both narutal and man- made. The idyllic Szalajka Valley, a part of Szilvásvárad, is considered Hungary´s most beautiful mountain valley. (Excerpt from my book „Lipicáni – Lipizzaners“)