5. 6. 2017 – JU Ergela “Vučijak”, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The fifth stop during my journey to the Lipizzaner in 2017 was the Vučijak stud farm in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where I was able to photograph cute foals on grazing and stallions in the enclosure.During the day, I had the opportunity to personally meet the director of stud farm Vučijak Milan Milankovic.

The Lipizzaner stud farm Vučijak is located in Prnjavor, a small town in Republika Srpska in Northern Bosnia, about 50 kilometers east of Banja Luka. Vučijak was established in April 1946 with the idea of producing Lipizzaner horses for Northern Bosnia and the former Yugoslavia. At the beginning, all the most famous lines of the Lipizzan horse were represented at Vučijak – Neapolitano, Maestoso, Conversano, Favory, Pluto, Tulipan and Siglavy. (Excerpt from my book „Lipicáni – Lipizzaners“)