4. 6. 2017 – DRŽAVNA ERGELA ĐAKOVO, Croatia

The fourth stop during my journey to the Lipizzaners in 2017 was the Dakovo stud farm in Croatia, where a small programme was held on 4th June 2017 in a newly built hall. During the day, I had the opportunity to personally meet Nidal Korabi, PhD.  Direktor of Stud Farm Lipik and Dakovo and Secretary General LIF) and with Mr. Pavo Sabolski, former director of Dakovo stud farm.

The history of horse breeding in ancient Djakovo goes back to 1506. Bishop Mijo Kesarič was the original owner of ninety Arabian horses. Arabian horses were exclusively bred in Djakovo until 1806. During the Napoleonic Wars (1803 – 1815), 300 Lipizzaners were trasferred from Slovenia´s Lipica to Bishop Vitik´s stables in Djakovo to protect the horses from Napoleon´s armies. After one year the Lipizzaners were returned to Lipica, however, three fertile stallions stayed in Djakovo and were introduced into the breeding herd. Born 1815, Bishop Josip Juraj Strossmayer is the man most credited for the quality breeding of Lipizzaners in Djakovo. (Excerpt from my book „Lipicáni – Lipizzaners“)