The Magic of team of horses

The full-format, full-colour photography book with instructive Czech, English and German narratives, written by Milan Vitek and with photos by Dalibor Gregor, introduces the essence and beauty of horses under harness as part and parcel of the equestrian sport and horse breeding to the reader.

Popular texts are amply complemented by beautiful horse photographs mapping a wonderful, dynamic and intimate relationship between man, nature and horses. The book does not aspire to encompass all aspects of harness nor is it meant to be a textbook of the demanding discipline. We do trust, however, that the reader will be captivated by the traditions, current development and rules of the team competitions. By writing this book, we hope to awaken public interest in not only racing under harness but indeed also pastime and tourist impressions, since this aspect of harness riding is enjoying a world-wide boom and is growing ever more popular. We believe that an insight into the racing atmosphere and horse shows, enhanced by examples of riding and coachmen’s competitions, will spur public attendance of these and similar events.


Publishing house: Photo & Publishing Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Photo: Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Text: Ing. Milan Vítek