The beauty of the horses of Camarque

“The Beauty of the horses of Camargue” – a new full-colour book which subtitle is “A Journey to the Childhood Landscape of Chantal Poullain”

This is essentially a book of photographs by Dalibor Gregor, the author of bestselling “My Year with Horses”.

The Opava-based photographer visits the Camargue region in Southern France, which is home to a unique horse breed and, to this day, also the “gardians”, or traditional bull rearers. In addition to the horses and gardians, the Camargue swamplands are also noted for their black bulls and pink flamingoes.

Actress Chantal Poullain’s grandfather, Marcel Poullain, once owned a horse ranch in Camargue. Chantal worked with author J.M. Kminský to capture her childhood impressions, and memories of her granddad and the Camargue country.

The book also includes general information about Camargue and its white horses.

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Publishing house: Růže

Photo: Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Text: Chantal Poullain, J. M. Krnínský