My year with horses

Horses will let you in the most important part of Vaclav vydra’s life.

This colour publication stands for more than just a glossy book of photographs: by virtue of Vaclav Vydra’s humanely vivid account of his feelings, findings, faults and fervor of a horse rider and ultimately also horse breeder, it serves as a rich font of information and the author’s personal discoveries in the field of communication with horses. Therefore the book could dispel many fuzzy thoughts and doubts and give the answer to many practical questions encountered by riders and breeders in their everyday routine.

The book will make you feel like you have just taken part in a parforse hunt, Hubertus Fox Hunt, or the General Custer Memorial, held annually at Hnevsin near the Slapy River Dam, south of Prague.

The book proves that to Vaclav Vydra horses mean more than a celebrity pastime: horse riding is actually his second naturalness. The equestrian world has doubtlessly found in Vydra a man noted for his sympathy for the less conventional horse-breeding techniques and ingenious search for all that is good for horses. And still on the sympathetic note, he is a rebellious horse racer, who finds it easy, even at the cost of losing points, to persuade the public that, say, show-jumping can be done with or without the rope hackamore.

The other member of the creative tandem, the renowned Opava photographer Dalibor Gregor documented one year in the life of Vaclav Vydra the Horseman and produced a collection of photographs that are both eloquent in their message and highly valuable on the art side of the project.

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Publishing house: Růže

Photo: Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Text: Václav Vydra