Lipizzaners, our Love

This unique full-colour photography book introduces the scenic beauties of the Slovenian Karst, the home of the Lipica breeding stud to the reader.

In four languages – Czech, Slovene, English and German – the book helps reader to discover part of the European and world cultural heritage, a symbol for 430 years now of the tradition of breeding and selecting thoroughbred horses, and the place considered the cradle of the noble Lipizzaner breed. The book contains the poem, Lipizzaners, by well-known Slovenian poet, philosopher, politician and writer Edvard Kocbek (1904-1981). Gracing the book are photographs captured by the camera of Dalibor Gregor, the artist for whom horses have become an inspiration and mission.

The book celebrates 430 years of the Lipica breeding stud.

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Publishing house: Photo & Publishing Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Photo: Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Text: Ing. Dalibor Gregor, Edvard Kocbek