Andalusie – horses’ paradise

Book „Andalusie, horses’ paradise is a big narrative full-colour photographic publication from Dalibor Gregor which leads readers to the Spanish Andalusie, which is home of the noblest horses, delicious scherry, district of fiests, cradle of corida and fiery flamenco.

Readers learn history and work of worldwide known Royal andalusie school of riding through these photographs and Czech and Spanish texts. They try unrepeatable atmosphereof typical Spanish festivals   FeriadelCaballo, they visit place known as cradle of andalusie horses’ breeding – Kartuzian’s breeding stud HierrodelBocado,, they see beautiful scenes from horses’ and bulls’ life – A campoabierto, they experience the real atmosphere of bulls’ contests in sevill arena Real Maestranza de Caballería, come to the interesting performances of flamenco and famous wine cellars and they learn another interesting places in Andalusie, where live people who give their lives for  the millennial link of fascinating bond between human and horse.


Publishing house: Photo & Publishing Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Photo: Ing. Dalibor Gregor

Text: Ing. Dalibor Gregor