The largest postcard of horses

The largest postcard of horses – succesfull record-breaking from publishing house Ing. Dalibor Gregor.

The successful record-breaking attempt took place on 4th September 2010, during the 12th International Exhibition “Horses in Action” at the Pardubice Horse Racing Course.

Several thousand spectators were present at the riding course in Pardubice as Commissioner Lenka Vratisovska from the Good Day Agency (Agentura Dobry den) confirmed that the 200cm by 195cm postcard, issued in two counterpart copies by Dalibor Gregor in support of the HORSES FOR CHILDREN project, had been recognized as a record-breaking achievement and would be entered in the Czech Book of Records.

One copy of the postcard was put on display in the Museum of World Records and Curiosities in Pelhrimov. The other copy will be donated to the children’s department of the Silesian hospital in Opava, as part of the HORSES FOR CHILDREN project.